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Joining the Lab

The process of applying is simple: fill out the Psychology Department’s lab interest form and express interest in my lab. I’ll follow up with an email ( to share more information and set up an appointment so that we can talk. We’ll have a conversation about your interest in I/O psychology and my lab in particular, and your career aspirations. If the conversation goes well and seats are available, I will happily invite you to join for the following semester. (My number of available seats is contingent on churn among existing lab members, who receive first priority to remain in the lab.)

The qualifications I want are equally straightforward. Applicants should have strong interest in I/O psychology, and ideally a B or better in PSY121 (Methods & Tools) before the semester they will enroll in lab. I have no qualifications concerning class rank and will happily take enthusiastic freshmen and sophomores. Ultimately, I am most interested in students who are enthusiastic about research, highly responsible, and willing to work and learn. If I don’t have any prior relationship with you, I will probably reach out to a few of your existing professors to solicit some feedback on these qualities.

The course you will take when enrolled in lab is PSY390, Collaborative Research. Enrollment in PSY390 is by faculty permission only and my specific requirements above override those reported on the department website. PSY390 can count as either a Specialized Course or as your Psychology Option for the major in PAWS depending on your particular distribution of classes. You should review my syllabus for this course before we meet for an interview to identify any questions and determine if you are comfortable with these assignments. Please note that I do not accept new students directly into Individual Study (PSY391/393/493) or Senior Honors Thesis (PSY396 & 496) without at least one prior semester of PSY390 in my lab to observe your work ethic and writing skill. Students may repeat PSY390 once for additional credit in my lab; after that point, I ask that you take on your own project or rotate to another lab to get more experience.