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Industrial/Organizational Psychology concerns the application of psychological theories and principles to solving workplace problems. Psychology majors at The College of New Jersey can choose to pursue a specialization in this interesting and in-demand area of study. Please see Dr. Jason Dahling’s CV and the information below to learn about the research that we conduct in the Organizational Psychology Lab group.

Our Research

The Organizational Psychology Lab at TCNJ studies a wide variety of topics under the umbrella of organizational psychology, usually with a focus on applying theories of motivation and self-regulation to work-related problems. Some recent questions that we’ve studied include:

  • How do customer service agents control and manage their emotions when interacting with customers?
  • What personality traits are related to a propensity to engage in deviant behavior at work?
  • What are the consequences of long-term unemployment for careers and families?
  • What factors influence the development of career interests among college students?
  • What are the functional and dysfunctional motives that drive feedback-seeking behavior at work?


Dr. Jason Dahling is the lab director. Students who work in the lab as research assistants have a variety of responsibilities ranging from running participants and collecting data to analyzing data, contributing to manuscripts, and developing their own independent research ideas.